World Water Day

The program ‘Water for birds ‘ was conducted on  March 22nd as part of the World Water Day. This was conducted by  staff  and students of Ahalia School of Paramedical Sciences Staff and students of ASPS prepared the clay pots with strings to get hanged on trees ,for the birds to satisfy their thirst .Students’ artistic talents were expressed in the placards they prepared for water conservation  .This program was inaugurated by Principal Mr.Sreejith M Nair by watering the pots placed on the trees in the ASPS garden. The program was co-ordinated by Mrs. Suma P Nair, Assistant Professor of Microbiology department of ASPS. The program provided  a message for the public on  the  importance of water to be  placed in the pots for relieving thirst of birds during this summer season.So it was really a life saving program for birds wandering of thirst during summer .Pots containing water were placed on the trees in the garden and the premises of AWACH hospital and regularly kept filled so that  birds can drink and satisfy their thirst and go. First year BSc MLT students were given the responsibility for keeping the pots water filled throughout the year.